We offer reliable and efficient Solar Power Systems for industries and homes in Sri Lanka. Our solutions are custom built to ensure maximum benefit for your company or homes.

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Sri Lanka’s electricity demand is expected to grow at 5.3% on average during 2015-2034

Increased usage of home and industrial appliances, transport, ICT, etc. has caused the rising electricity demand. To address the challenge of meeting the electricity demand without any interruptions, promoting the generation of electricity through renewable energy resources is critical.


The government of Sri Lanka is currently progressing on “Soorya Bala Sangramaya” (Battle for Solar Energy), to encourage people to generate electricity for themselves. What they expect is to meet day time electricity demand by replacing thermal plants with household based solar plants, which supports efficient water resources management as well. 


You might now wonder, how to generate electricity by yourselves or how to install a solar based plant at your premises. Let’s discuss together and derive the best way with Alta Vision Solar

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