We offer reliable and efficient Solar Power Systems for industries and homes in Sri Lanka. Our solutions are custom built to ensure maximum benefit for your company or homes.

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Solar modules use light particles (photons) from sunlight, to generate electricity through the “photovoltaic effect”

Humans always use the energy of the sun directly or indirectly for their daily tasks, starting from drying clothes to agricultural purposes. 


Photovoltaic effect is a way, which allows us to convert the sunlight directly into electricity which enables harnessing more reliable, free and clean energy from the sun. Most of photovoltaic cells are made of silicon for its electronic transition. Recently solar panels have started appearing on many of the rooftops around us, as this photovoltaic (pv) effect has become increasingly a feasible option.


Did you know that these amazing facts can really drive you towards a sustained and a quality life? Clarify your thoughts of switching to solar with us and stay tuned for more !

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