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Renewable energy has become more cost-effective than ever with COVID-19

We all know that the global pandemic, COVID-19 has drastically affected the whole world and lives in tons of aspects. But to voice up in a positive tone, we could notice that the nature has improved a lot during human quarantine. 


Since we are now in a post-pandemic economical recovery period, a research done on Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investments 2020 states that the clean energy costs are falling and providing opportunities to boost the climate. Even though the fossil fuel industry has also dropped their prices, the governments and companies around the world have started committing to renewable power capacities because the green investments contribute to saving the world and nature. For example, it can be a source to limit world’s fast temperature increment and that will lead to future savings on alternatives. So it is obvious that, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal etc., have become really cost effective, not only in an financial aspect, but also in environmental and humanitarian perspectives. 


As Sri lanka is a country close to equator that has unlimited access to solar energy throughout the year, contributing to cost effective global renewable energy system is not a mere dream. All you need are a green thought of switching to solar, feasibility of investment and a proper guidance from industry experts who you can meet at Alta Vision Solar


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