We offer reliable and efficient Solar Power Systems for industries and homes in Sri Lanka. Our solutions are custom built to ensure maximum benefit for your company or homes.

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One hour of sunlight delivers energy to power the entire world economy for one year

The sun offers an astonishing amount of energy, but our technology is not mature enough to harness everything. All the sun’s energy is not captured by Solar panels and even out of the amount captured by Solar panels, only about 15-20% get converted to electricity. However, as more technological breakthroughs are made, the more efficient Solar panels will be.


When the first mono-crystalline Solar cell was invented in the 1940s, its efficiency was a mere 2%. Today, scientists have invented Solar cells capable of achieving close to 50% efficiency. However, most commercially viable options are still in the range of 15-20%. It is important to keep in mind that “cost per watt” is the metric that matters when you install Solar panels at your home/office. In other words, not only the efficiency of panels, but also the ability to manufacture them cheaply is important as well.


Alta Vision Solar has a 8-year relationship with Canadian Solar – one of the leading Solar panel manufacturers in the world offering state-of-the-art panels to the Sri Lankan market. We pride ourselves in harvesting the maximum efficiency out of a Solar PV system using our in-depth technical knowledge.


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