We offer reliable and efficient Solar Power Systems for industries and homes in Sri Lanka. Our solutions are custom built to ensure maximum benefit for your company or homes.

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Normal household electricity usage includes 15% for lightings

Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room or wherever in your home, lighting accounts a major role. According to Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, investing in efficient lighting for your houses can be done in several ways and can benefit you in different aspects. 


First, thinking about the lamps you have, plays a great deal. For example, a 15W compact fluorescent lamp gives light as much as a 75W incandescent lamp, which will drastically affect your energy bill. Then if you want more energy saving devices, CFL and LED bulbs are also ideal. 


But, what if you can bring down the huge electricity bill to zero ? What if you can contribute to the sustainable energy ? Adopting renewable solar energy is the answer! It will effectively save your money for the 15% of household lighting and will convert your whole house into an energy saving power house. 


To see the difference by yourself, Alta Vision Solar  is ready to show you the path with our solar expertise and the best equipments. Contact Wikum – 0717 666 555 and let’s discuss together !


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