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‘Floating solar PV systems’ are a direct response to the lack of space and the conflict of land use.

Today the #DidYouKnow facts with Alta Vision Solar is going to share about a global innovation in the solar energy industry. 


You might have noticed different designs of solar PV systems everywhere across the globe. They might probably be either ground mounted or on roof tops of domestic and industrial premises located on land. But, the solar technology has risen to a point where it could synergize between the sun and water, with floating solar farms as a simple, durable, and an affordable alternative to traditional PV. 


It allows PV panels to be installed on water bodies such as lakes, reservoirs, canals, irrigation etc., benefitting water and energy intensive industries. The concept of mixing hydro and solar energies at one place (on hydro-electricity dams) is a good example, which helps increasing the electricity generation capacity of a country with less space. 


If think more and act green, a sustained Sri Lanka with new solar innovations like this is not a dream! So why not starting from your #land space first ? We are ready to help you in each step of your green journey with our solar expertise. 

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