We live in a country that is situated a mere 71.38 km north of the equator.

Getting enough sun has never been a problem for us. 

However, Sri Lanka’s journey towards embracing solar power solutions has been slow. It only accelerated in the past decade or so.

Alta Vision Solar, a solar power company in Sri Lanka, initiated operations in this exciting phase. It has experienced remarkable growth in its five years of operations. As a Solar Power Company in Sri Lanka dedicated to providing reliable services to all parts of the country, the need to be more accessible was felt by the brand. 

In an attempt to help every Sri Lankan to go solar and embrace a more sustainable life, Alta Vision Solar (better known as AVS) has revamped its online presence through a brand new website.

What does the Website Offer?

The new website offers a number of exciting new features. Our goal was to make going solar simpler and more convenient. 

1. Comprehensive overview of projects 

If you are new to the world of Solar PV solutions and want to understand how a system can be implemented, you can now do so easily. 

We have included descriptions, videos and images of the projects that have been completed by us. 

AVS envisions to be a solar power company in Sri Lanka that offers unique solutions to both household and industrial sectors. 

Alta Vision Solar has installed industrial Solar PV systems. with capacities exceeding 100kW and installed over 320 Solar PV systems in homes across Sri Lanka. 
2. Simple mechanism to request a quote and a site visit 

You can get a brief overview of the time required to complete a project through the website. In addition, you can request a site visit or a quote with a simple click. All we need to know are a few things about you. 

We want to be a Solar Power Company in Sri Lanka that makes your life easier. 

3. More information on our partners 

You don’t need to have any concerns about our external stakeholders. Clear descriptions about our technical and financial partners can be readily found on the website

We work closely with the following local partners.

  1. Ceylon Electricity Board
  2. The Ministry of Power and Energy
  3. Lanka Electricity C. (Pvt) Ltd
  4. Sustainable Energy Authority.

We have also partnered with global solar PV specialists 

  1. SMA (Germany)
  2. Canadian Solar
  3. GoodWe 
  4. Blog on Case Studies and Solar News 

Starting today, this blog will be dedicated to make sure that we share our success stories with you. In addition, we will also feature important updates about the renewable energy industry. 

If there is anything in specific that you’d like to know, it’s a matter of letting us know! 

Why choose Alta Vision Solar?

Our unique Custom Built Mounting Structures and Electrical Design 

While we promise efficient, reliable and effective solutions, our most valuable standout feature is the customized design tailor-made for your requirements. 

We don’t ask you to stick by off-the-shelf designs. Our team of engineers make sure to build structures and layouts that optimize your system. 

Want to go Solar?

Get in touch with us today!